ViewBase : Analyzing viewing to your needs.  
Define audiences on what people watch and plug these back into ViewBase or any of our Figaro products. 
Plan on ‘who missed my spring campaign’ or track where viewing goes after a program has ended. The choice is yours. 
A superb tool for agencies or broadcasters.

As an agency  
... Plan on who missed my previous campaign. 
... Were viewers to my campaign duplicated with other campaigns for similar brands? 
... Measure duplication between campaigns of different spot lengths. 
As a broadcaster  
... Where do my viewers go after a show has ended? 
... Track viewership over time. 
... Discover programs attracting light viewers. Do we charge enough for that airtime? 
... Which of my programs do fans of my competition watch?

If you require further information on any of our products please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

  • Program ranking and profiles.
  • Daypart ranking and profiles.
  • 1/4hour/minute ranking and profiles.
  • Commercial break ranking and profiles.
  • Post-campaign reach and frequency.
  • Cross-tabulation.

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