Figaro bridges the gap between planning and buying optimisation.

At last one system than can optimize programs as well as at the traditional broad daypart level, with no limits to the number of programs. And can do it quickly!

Figaro the Optimizer is a software system designed to distribute available television airtime over one or more brand campaigns in order to attain user-defined goals and, in the process, maximize one or more criteria such as reach or cost efficiency.

Figaro the Optimizer is used as part of the planning process to decide the best programs to buy for a given brand. The user specifies an historical time period, a primary goal (GRPs, cost or reach or any combination). The system then provides the optimum program schedule for the campaign.

From the team that brought you X*Pert, Figaro heralds a new generation of optimizers.

  • Optimize at the traditional daypart level or on individual programs.
  • Specify the importance of attaining reach vs GRPs by adjusting the methodology.
  • Uses minute-by-minute respondent level data for commercial minutes.
  • Produces reach guides.

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